the moon

Not very long ago, the moon fell from the sky and almost impacted with the earth. Before it could, however, a group of adventurers stopped the machines that were pulling it into the earth. The moon did not strike the earth, but it was also moved out of position. This caused a number of changes to affect the world.

The moon now follows a chaotic orbit. It is always closer than it used to be, so even at its furthest, it fills more of the sky than it ever did. The act of the moon falling caused tidal disturbances and tsunamis, and many coastal areas were devastated.

Areas of the earth were ripped up when the moon drew close because of the gravitic disturbances. These floating pieces of land remain floating to this day. Some follow the moon’s orbit, floating along predetermined paths. Others remain in place, floating where they were pulled from the ground. All over the world, floating pieces of earth have appeared.

Perhaps the most disturbing change the moon wrought was the appearance of the moontouched. These are individuals who display unusual powers, usually Psionic in nature. Moontouched have purple eyes, and can have any number of unusual powers. The day the moon fell signaled the rise of psionics in the world. Before that, psionics did not exist.

the moon

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