Camp Woodheart

Camp Woodheart is the organization druids near Havertown. They are easily distinguished by the blue shirts they wear.

The Druids of Camp Woodheart patrol the woods near Havertown, cultivating it and protecting the wildlife. They’ve clashed with the townsfolk of Havertown on a few occasions over expansion and hunting, but they’re enjoyed a fairly amicable relationship. The druids will appear in town from time to time, and a few can be found in the bars, enjoying forbidden alcohol while on their time off.

The druids of Camp Woodheart are welcoming of those who seek to learn the druidic ways, or share a mutual interest in preserving wildlife. They teach those who are willing the proper ways to treat the forest with care and what activities are harmful to it. They cannot train someone to become a druid, however. That requires careful consideration the the behalf of the camp. Only a select few are offered the chance. Those who accept usually become full fledged members of the camp.

The Druids of Camp Woodheart have become distressed as of late, for there are a number of disturbances in their forest that they are not equipped to handle at the moment. More and more druids are appearing in town for downtime because the stress of their job has become greater in light of recent events.

Camp Woodheart

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