Hyde's Chemical Pack

Hyde Gear


Provides effects of Alchemist discoveries. Becomes heavier as more improvements are made and more tanks/canisters are added. Discoveries are unusable if the pack is destroyed/removed.

Current Discoveries:
Spontaneous Healing


A special rig invented by Doctor Hyde to provide him with quick access to his mutagenic compound and a constant supply of a fast acting healing agent. Attachments and modifications are made as Hyde makes new alchemical discoveries.

The rig takes the form of a beak-like gas mask connected to a series of metal canisters strapped to the wearer’s back. Three canisters are filled with a gaseous dose of Hyde’s mutagenic compound which can be released into his mask with the turn of a valve. Two larger tanks are filled with a custom healing agent which is injected slowly and constantly into Hyde’s bloodstream.

Hyde can make additions and improvements to the rig which, in turn, makes it heavier.

Hyde's Chemical Pack

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