Doctor Jeremus Hyde

Human Alchemist


Character: Doctor Jeremus Hyde
Player: Jake
Race: Human
Class: Alchemist (7)
Languages: Common, Orc, Goblin, Giant, Gnome
Special Gear: Fireproof (Non-magic) Studded Leather Armor, Chemical pack, Alchemical silver weapons


Jeremus Hyde was born into a relatively wealthy noble house in the city of Praven, a city situated among the plains of Nerath. He led a normal life as a wealthy city boy; causing mischief when he was not at school. A naturally bright child, Hyde learned quickly to reject the teachings of the church in favor of scientific discovery. He spent his formative years hanging around alchemy shops until he was old enough to go to the Praven University of Discovery where he buried himself in scientific texts.

Near-constant exposure to various chemicals and compounds left Hyde’s mind slightly worse for wear. One day, while in a chemical fueled haze, Hyde discovered his purpose as a man of science: The extension of his life and, if he happened to stumble upon it, the lives of others. His investigation was cut short when he was caught in the university’s medical morgue and thrown out of school for trying to reanimate donor bodies. Due to his family’s connections, Hyde was able to avoid doing major time but only on the grounds that he were to never set foot in the university again. Hyde left Praven shortly after, refusing to associate himself with “Closed minded, visionless fools” and wandered the countryside as a self-proclaimed doctor, healing the sick, experimenting on those he was unable to save and traveling with any adventuring group that would take him in.

Among his travels Hyde developed formulae for fire and acid bombs, earning himself a fair reputation as a troll hunter. It was here that he made two scientific breakthroughs: One, he created a tonic out of herbs and troll blood that, when injected into the bloodstream healed wounds at a rapid pace. Two, he was able to create a mutagen gas that when inhaled, enhanced Hyde’s physical abilities for a short time. He invented a special mask and rig to administer his newfound discoveries quickly. During his travels Hyde found that he simply had too many things to do and not enough manpower to get them all done. He hired a man by the name of Karl to be his assistant and, when the situation called for it, experimental subject.

After a mishap involving a thatch roofed cottage and some very volatile chemicals, Hyde and Karl found themselves on the road once again. Their travels have taken them to a small village called Havertown and into the company of a new band of adventurers rumored to be the heirs of fallen noble families…

Doctor Jeremus Hyde

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